Our females at Stonebridge Droughtmasters are selected for three key performance indicators.

  Milk Production

We aim to breed cows with well structured udders and ideal teat placement. Milk Production is extremely important for the growth of calves and thus we expect our females to produce enough milk until weaning.


Our females must go in calf every year. This is a standard in which we are stringent with. Females are set out with particular sires for a 3 month mating window. Any females that do not go in calf during this period are culled.


As we have wild dogs in our area we appreciate when our females develop a protectiveness over their calves. All our cattle are used to being worked with dogs, bikes and horses. Anything with temperament issues or flighty in the yards does not stay at Stonebridge Droughtmasters. 



"We strive to deliver top quality females that add value to any cattle operation." - Alex Gibbon 


If you would like to know more about our females feel free to leave us a message on our "contact us" page.  

To see more of our females day to day, please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages that have constant new updates and photos of our herd.
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