Breeding Objective

We breed both Stud and Commercial Droughtmasters with the aim to produce top quality animals that will add value, productivity and overall profitability to our clients.


Our operation is predominately commercial and therefore maintaining a high level of quality commercial cattle is extremely important to us. Our stud and commercial herds compliment each other, with our objective to not only produce quality stud breeders but strong, ready to work, future sires for commercial herds Australia wide.


Our cattle must be able to perform in any season and produce a calf every year. In order to achieve this we have developed a set of “Stonebridge Standards” which we follow strictly. Any animal that does not meet these standards is culled.


Recording EBV's is significant in our operation. This is to ensure we have data and figures available to back up our cattle, which clients can access to better aid them in selecting the right type of animal for their herds.

Stonebridge Standards


 Cattle must be pest resistant and able to perform in any season.





 Low birth weight, growth for age, well structured, stand on good bone and females must have a desirable udder formation.  



 Second to none in the industry! We absolutely pride ourselves on having "cattle you can handle".



Fertility is the foundation on which our herd is built. Any of our females that do not go in calf within our 3 month joining period are culled.

This guarantees we maintain a highly fertile breeding line and ensures no unnecessary loss of income or production for both us and our clients.